Prof. Chunming Yang, from Hunan University, is a Doctoral Supervisor, and has been engaged in the  molecular design, structure characterization and application of inorganic/organic hybrid functional materials. In particular, multiple heterogeneous interfaces between inorganic nanomaterials and conductive polymers are constructed based on the principle and method of binary and multiple symbiosis or synergistic action of inorganic-organic materials. The construction method of heterogeneous interface, interface microstructure, interface material transfer and energy transfer mechanism were studied, and multi-component, multi-interface and multi-scale inorganic/organic hybrid functional materials with superior properties were obtained. This kind of functional materials are mainly used in energy storage and conversion (such as supercapacitors), electromagnetic shielding and stealth materials, catalytic materials, environmental protection and energy saving and other fields, and have important theoretical significance and practical application value. In addition, a demonstration base of production, study and research has been established with Hunan Tongyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. in recent years, which has reached the international forefront in the research and development of alkali-free accelerator. The developed concrete alkali-free liquid accelerator products have reached the domestic leading level in various indexes, and two national invention patents have been declared.