Call for Papers

Theme Environment, Renewable Energy and Green Chemical Engineering
The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


•  Environmental Science and Technology•  Environmental Dynamics
•  Pollutant Control•  Indoor Air Pollution
•  Environmental System Approach•  Environmental Sustainability
•  Global Environmental Change and Ecosystem Management•  Environmental Restoration and Ecological Engineering
•  Satellite Applications in the Environment•  Climate and Climate Change
•  Global Warming•  Ozone Layer Depletion
•  Deforestation•  Wetland
•  Groundwater Remediation•  Sustainable City
•  Industrial Wastewater Treatment•  Soil Pollution Control

Renewable energy

•  Solar Energy•  Wind Energy
•  Hydropower•  Hydrogen Energy
•  Bioenergy•  Tidal Energy
•  Ocean Heat•  Geothermal Energy
•  Biofuels•  Energy Conversion
•  Hybrid Energy System•  Power Supply in Remote Areas
•  Application of Renewable Energy in Agriculture•  Renewable Energy Innovation
•  Sustainability Education•  Geothermal heating and Heat Pump
•  Ecosystem Assessment

Green Chemical Engineering

•  Study on Catalyst and Catalytic Reaction•  Electrochemical Engineering
•  Chemical Machinery and Equipment•  Polymer Engineering
•  Geothermal Heating and Heat Pump•  Pharmaceutical Engineering
•  Environmental Chemical Engineering•  Biochemistry and Technology
•  Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics•  Cleaner Production and Green Chemical Technology
•  Chemical Process Systems and Information Engineering•  Waste Disposal and Environmental Chemicals
•  Green Chemistry Technology•  Utilization Technology of Biomass Resources
•  Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction